I'm Brandon

Puppeteer does more than test


front-end web development

During the 10 years of using an extensive list of front-end technologies, my skills have been constantly challenged and put to the test. As far back as IE 7 compatibility requirements, I have always maintained an in-depth knowledge of responsive, WCAG, compatible code.

back-end development

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server administrator

I'm baby meditation tofu chillwave, distillery messenger bag thundercats chicharrones kale chips gochujang. Banh mi direct trade marfa salvia.

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Senior Developer

December 2021 - August 2022

Handle all web development requests using any technology necessary

Project management, research & discovery

Consulting and communications with clients, wireframing and providing estimates for proposals (RFP)

Primarily worked using compiled front-end JavaScript frameworks, Node.JS, Python, Ruby

Jekyll, React, Vue, Gatsby, Strapi, & more Jamstack frameworks

Laravel Echo, web sockets, compiled nginx modules

Automating testing and content integrity using node.js tools like puppeteer


Connor B.


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Lauren F.


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Alen J.


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Helga M.


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Gregg R.


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Featured Projects

SaaS Login Project

Next UI

Make beautiful websites regardless of your design experience. Beautiful, fast and modern React UI library. Provides a simple way to customize default themes, you can change the colors, fonts, breakpoints and everything you need. Avoids unnecessary styles props at runtime, making it more performant than other UI libraries. Automatic dark mode recognition, NextUI automatically changes the theme when detects HTML theme prop changes. NextUI is fully-typed to minimize the learning curve, and provide the best possible developer experience.

Next UI Framework

SaaS Login

Start managing now. A login landing page created by the CSS Ninja Studio team. The slowly rotating and fading shapes on the right hand side are very clean and give the page a great visual appearance.

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